Staff Updates - Resignation of our ED Ricki Tshepo Kgositau-Kanza


The Executive Director of Accountability International, Ricki Tshepo Kgositau-Kanza gave her resignation letter to the Accountability International Board on February 18, 2022. For personal reasons Ricki is stepping down and it was agreed that it would be effective from February 28, 2022.

“Ricki has been the Executive Director at Accountability International for almost five years. During her leadership, the organisation has run numerous successful projects and campaigns, revived the Accountability Award and revised its strategy into a more clearly defined support for the most marginalised populations. Ricki has been an excellent representative when advocating for accountability for all people at conferences and in committees and has a powerful impact in this area. It is we sadness we see Ricki leave us and we wish her and her loved ones all good luck in the future.”

Rodrigo Garay, Founder and Chair of the Board of Accountability International

“I will dearly cherish my time at AI and I truly believe this is the most beautiful organisation I have ever had opportunity to work for and lead as its director. I take with me some fond memories and friendships that have been borne in my time with colleagues at AI that I will cherish all my life. I do believe that our paths with various colleagues are bound to meet or merge in future when I am well and able to continue contributing to our inclusive global health and development, universal human rights and accountability agenda.” 

Ricki Tshepo Kgositau-Kanza