The Civil Society Platform on the ESA Commitment 2013 – ongoing


Ensuring accountability on a commitment to comprehensive sexuality education for youth!

UNESCO and UNAIDS in collaboration with UN and development partners, RECs and CSOs, religious and youth leaders led an initiative aimed at securing commitment from Education and Health ministers from 20 Eastern and Southern African countries to accelerate access to comprehensive sexuality education and health services for young people in the region. The initiative is a strategic tool that brings together Ministries of Education and Health to strengthen HIV prevention efforts and foster positive health outcomes by advocating for access to quality, comprehensive sexuality education as well as sexual and reproductive health services for young people in the ESA region.

The historic ESA commitment was endorsed at the 2013 ICASA Conference and has time-bound actions and targets that were agreed upon by member states. The ESA Ministerial Commitment is expected to pave the way for actions which scale up delivery of sexuality education and related health services, support joint action around developing programmes, sharing information, strengthening linkages and referrals between schools and health services and an overall approach which facilitates access and equity and strengthens national responses to HIV and SRH.

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