Accountability Champions


In 2021, Accountability International began a partnership with four incredible human rights activists as a means to expand even further our reach in sharing our work to #account4all and build an #accountabilitymovement. These Accountability Champions are formally collaborating with us to develop new networks, investigate new spaces and offer new opportunities for AI to continue the extraordinary work done since we began in 2006.

The Accountability Champions are constituted by a group of four people who have demonstrated exemplary and accountable leadership globally and at Pan-African level, as well as being key influencers in their field of expertise.

The Accountability Champions are geared to guide and assist the organization to mobilise resources and enhance its strategic partnerships by connecting us with key stakeholders to strengthen the #accountabilitymovement. These experts are strategic representatives of our organization and have been tasked with strengthening visibility, making strategic connections, and putting accountability higher on the agenda. The Accountability Champions will support increasing AI’s visibility by acting as ambassadors of AI and representing AI on various platforms such as social media and convening spaces (conferences, seminars, webinars, etc.).

These champions are:

  • Kenyan advocate for girls, women and LGBTIQ rights and 2019 Accountability International Leadership Award laureate Dr. Stellah Bosire

  • American actor and trans activist Marquise Vilsón

  • Zimbabwean trans and human rights activist Rikki Nathanson and

  • South African actor and diversity and inclusion activist Niza Jay.

These are individuals who continue to champion various human rights, diversity, equity and inclusion, inclusive development, and justice initiatives, and we are proud to collaborate with them to further develop Accountability International’s work.

We are excited to learn from these colleagues and leverage their expertise as we continue to advance accountability for the lives, human rights, and wellbeing of all persons, across all spheres of society.