Advertisers Activists Collective: 2016 - Ongoing


The power of the advertising creative to change norms

The Advertisers Activists Collective (AAC) was launched by Accountability International in early 2016 as a means to reach out specifically to the advertising industry in Africa on LGBTIQ issues. Advertisers play a central role in changing the hearts and minds of the public through their work.

Over the course of this project, Accountability International trained over 400 advertising staff in South Africa on LGBTIQ matters and human rights issues. Simply put, the project had a powerful impact on four levels:

1. Stereotypical, discriminatory and stigmatising adverts and existing campaigns ended.

2. The respectful inclusion of LGBTIQ people in adverts increased.

3. Visibility of LGBTIQ poeple in advertising increased as more adverts depicted LGBTIQ relevant storylines.

4. The workplace environment in advertising companies improved for LGBTIQ people.

Now in 2021, we begin a new journey! We will begin training advertisers on matters pertaining to criminalisation. We do this as a means to ensuring that people, identities and behaviours that are criminalised are understood by the advertising staff and portrayed in ways that are not harmful, but constructive, non-discriminatory and inclusive. Watch this space as we begin a new pathway to diversity, equity and inlcusion and human rights for all!

The Advertisers Activists Colelctive started as a part of the Destabilising Hetronormativity project. 

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