Valentines Day


Accountability International is well known for our fun and innovative Valentine's Day campaigns and our collaborative, diverse and inclusive way of working, so in 2021, we decided to put our Valentines campaign on steroids and ask close friends of AI to be an intimate part of our Valentines Day campaign!

We asked human rights defenders, researchers, activists, journalists, community leaders and rights advocates, to tell us what Valentines means to them this year!

The answers are as diverse as the people!

Watch our campaign #loveandaccountability #loveandhumanrights and discover for yourself, what gifts these brave, altruistic, dedicated human rights defenders want in 2021 for #Valentines!

And have a look below, for some of our past #ValentinesDay campaigns! We are #humanrightsdefenders with a love of changing #socialnorms, and Valentines is just one way to do that!

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