Coronavirus (COVID-19) Scorecard for Africa


Accountability International is now seeking funds and resources for a new project to urgently create a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Scorecard for Africa.

With 34 000 people dead and over 724 000 people testing positive for the Corona virus as of 30 March 2020, the global Corona virus pandemic has become a pivotal moment in human history where equal access to health care has become internationally recognised as an urgent priority.

The African continent, with its already challenged health care systems, is only now starting to see the first cases of local transmission and the statistics of both new infections and death rates are alarming. Added to this is the fact that each of the challenges we face in this epidemic are more acute for marginalised people.

It is vital to have an independent, civil society driven analysis of the COVID - 19 data for Africa, and one which connects the various issues of health, human rights, socio-economics and accountability to Africa community leaders and human rights activists. Scorecards are what we do, and we wish to support the response to COVID-19 by doing what we do best.

Long term goal

Improve accountability from African governments to respond to Corona Virus pandemic.

Short term objectives

  1. Provide stakeholders, especially civil society, with data analysis in the form of a Scorecard on Corona Virus outbreak in Africa for their own use and advocacy at country level.
  2. Highlight the linkages between the various areas of research and how they more acutely affect marginalised people in Africa.
  3. Identify best practices and assist on sharing to increase replication of successful tactics.
  4. For civil society to document the epidemic as it occurs for future learnings and advocacy, and to increase accountability

What we need from you?

If you are able to fund this work, or connect us to a potential funding source, or volunteer to help us do some of the data collection, analysis and presentation, please contact Phillipa(@)

Download Concept Note as PDF