Full Circle Tax Watch for Marginalised Populations


This project uses a simple but highly effective method to empower people from marginalized communities in Ghana, Nigeria, and Mali with the skills to improve accountability around fiscal issues, most especially taxes and budgeting as a means to improve access to social services, health and education for marginalized communities (MC).

Unlike most initiatives with a similar goal, we did not start a new tax and budget monitoring initiative for MCs, instead we are working with existing, already established, well connected and funded initiatives, for them to better include our MC matters in the work they do. This makes it a more sustainable, highly cost effective and efficient method.

Simply put the project uses a hybrid model where marginalised community experts train the fiscal and budget experts on human rights issues and challenges that they face. Then the tax and budget experts train the marginalised community experts on tax and budget monitoring work. The exchange of information creates an equal power dynamic. The process has research outputs which guide the conversations and workshops. The hybridization of the work allows for unusual and powerful results. Please read our Implementation Phase Report below for more information.

Download Implementation Phase Report