#TransDiverseAfricans Situational Analysis 2016- 2019


Trans Diverse Africans Situational Analysis

Globally, stigma, discrimination and violence towards persons who are trans* diverse is very high. The situation for trans diverse people is dire on an international scale but perhaps even more so in Africa where in recent years we have a backlash against improving rights for trans diverse people. The criminalisation, marginalisation and discrimination against trans diverse people extends beyond mere law making and extends to moral policing, restrictions of bodily autonomy and the abuse of basic human rights. These oppressions of trans diverse people and their allies, has also been aimed at broader society particularly civil society organisations (CSOs), health service providers and rights organisations who advocate for greater inclusivity and equality in society.

African society as a general rule still holds conservative views around gender and sexuality and Accountability International has a directed focus on supporting the trans diverse movement in Africa and working to ensure there is accountability for the lives, human rights and wellbeing of all trans diverse Africans.

In 2016, The Southern African Trans Forum engaged Accountability International to assist with a situation analysis on the barriers that trans diverse persons in Africa face in accessing health-care, with specific focus on the intersections between legal and policy frameworks that create and maintain these barriers, for 5 countries in Southern Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The report aimed to allow for comparisons between the countries while painting a sub-regional picture, using the Accountability International Scorecard format.

The objective of this report was to improve the objective and subjective understanding of the trans diverse experience in Southern Africa, and to improve the long-term security, especially in terms of health, of the LGBT communities’ resident here.

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