Accountability Literacy 2010 – ongoing


Accountability is a powerful yet complex tool in advancing human rights. But we know that few people have had access to the necessary information and training on accountability, and good governance. Knowledge like whom to hold accountable, what makes one accountable, and what can be done to increase accountability is scarce, that’s why Accountability International has been giving Accountability Literacy and Scorecarding for Advocacy trainings since 2011 and have trained hundreds if not thousands of activists during this time.

This content includes but is not limited to the following topics:

  • What is accountability?
  • Where do we get it, who do we get it from?
  • What mechanisms can we use to increase accountability?
  • What accountability is not
  • Personalizing accountability

You can download the powerpoints in PDF below:

Accountability Literacy English
Accountability Literacy French
Scorecarding for Advocacy English
Scorecarding for Advocacy French