The Accountability Literacy for Change Project (ALC)


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The goal of this project is to unlock the potential of civil society by increasing accountability, and thereby holding leaders accountable.

We aim to reach at least 50,000 civil society members by 2027 of which 10,000 will complete our digital training each year.

Accountability International (AI) has developed, researched, and launched over 25 scorecards and reports on accountability in global health, human rights, and social justice for more than 10 years. Furthermore, we have conducted over 100 workshops, seminars, and trainings in different parts of the world on a diverse range of human rights civil society organisations to hold leaders accountable.

We have used our Scorecard Methodology, our Accountability Framework, and a Participatory Research Model process in the development, research and implementation of training, workshops and the research conducted. This enabled us to build a large global network comprising of multiple stakeholders, including but not limited to international actors, civil society organisations, community groups, foundations, private sector actors, and bilateral donors. We conceptualise and implement innovatively designed projects that are led by our strategic alliances and collaborations with, for example, marginalised communities and other actors in our large network of stakeholders. Through our work and our collaborations, we actively demand accountability for inclusion and human rights.

Now, we plan to build on our years of experience and expertise to develop an accessible education platform i.e.: Accountability Literacy for Change (ALC) to empower human rights defenders to increase accountability on human rights and hold leaders accountable. 

ALC aims to become the leading digital accountability training in the world. As AI is an international player and has the support of digital solutions, we can reach a global audience. We know that capacity building in accountability is vital, and is probably the best foundation to increase transparency and accountability in decision-making. Accountability as a tool can be used by any stakeholder to demand responsible, sustainable, and inclusive decision-making and action from those who are obliged to deliver on a mandate; when understood well, it can be applied to all human rights matters: whether it be health rights, education rights, water or land rights, or related to movements demanding climate action, abortion access, road safety or bodily autonomy, etc.

Many different organizations have asked for an increased opportunity to educate themselves on accountability and how to hold leaders accountable. In responding to the need to empower CSOs on accountability matters and how to increase accountability for human rights, we aim to develop the ALC and become the global leading organisation working on accountability. 

The ultimate purpose of the ALC project is to enable civil society representatives to meaningfully, and from self-perceived perspectives, become empowered and understand the issue of accountability, and how accountability can be used as an effective influencing mechanism that, can ultimately improve human rights.