International Day to #ChallengeCrim


Now in order to create something sustainable that lasts beyond our time, we are petitioning the United Nations for an International Day that recognises the need to monitor the over-use of criminal law. So, we are working to develop an ongoing campaign that will be implemented with our #challengecrim partners during 2022 and 2023. This is what our work has been about. In order to find out more about the project click here:

International Days are opportunities to inform and educate the public about matters that affect them and their loved ones. It is also a chance to celebrate successes in the field, and to demand accountability where no improvements have been made. Additionally, International Days provide a window of opportunity to generate and solidify political will and a financial investment and funds towards the cause.

The General Assembly makes a determination on international days when proposed by member states. It is more important than that in order to achieve this, it will take several years before success is guaranteed. However, the potential impact would be powerful and long-lasting.

As part of this initiative, we plan to develop a petition for submission to the UN, governments and various other stakeholders asking for a day to be allocated. As well we will be implementing a coordinated social media campaign and face-to-face advocacy visits to the UN in Geneva. The aim of these activities is to create awareness of the current overreach of criminal law, and the need for an international day that recognises the need to monitor the use of criminalisation, and to bring more stakeholders into the #challengecrim movement.

International Days are a powerful advocacy tool that outlives us as individuals. Having raised an issue to the level of an International Day requires significant advocacy and requires engagement with many stakeholders. Once achieved actors around the world will be inspired to host their own #challengecrim activities applicable in their own countries, working towards human rights and inclusiveness of all people.

International days have been celebrated by civil society for many years before the UN created its own corresponding day. As such we should not wait for the UN to sign off to begin our own celebrations and advocacy of a day that marks the need to monitor criminalisation.